Krystalbeholder - PURE Divine
Krystalbeholder - PURE Divine
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Krystalbeholder - PURE Divine

Pure Crystals
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PURE Divine

Containing Rainbow Moonstone and Clear Quartz healing crystals.

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the moon and is a wonderfully helpful stone for women. It helps us to connect with the different cycles we experience in life. Many people find moonstone to be very soothing and work with its energies to relieve stress.

Rainbow Moonstone - Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz for general healing and to help you to connect with your higher self and to the divine. Clear Quartz also helps to amplify the energies of all other crystals.

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra and All Chakras


I flow effortlessly through the cycles of my life

I am balanced and in tune with my emotions

PURE Divine glass filled insert for the PURE Crystals water bottle.

This glass insert is filled with the mentioned crystals and is held in place with a temporary cork. When you are ready to change over to your new crystal energies, simply remove the cork and use the original silicone seal from your bottle,

You can then use the cork from the replacement pod on your original glass insert to keep the crystals in place. You can then use that insert around your space so the crystal energies continue to fill your space. (Pure Crystals suggest putting a little tape under the cork to keep it in place as cork is a natural material and can shrink and the glass pods do vary slightly in size.)

Glass, kork, crystals.